2020 Boarding Rates

All monthly board includes hay: up to 4 flakes daily, fed 2 flakes am/2 flakes pm (or by other arrangement). Your choice of alfalfa, mountain grass, or some of each.

GROUP PASTURE :  per month $340
PIPE PEN/MARE MOTEL – covered, no bedding : per month $400
PADDOCK WITH SHED –  no bedding: per month $450
BOX STALL – bedded/shavings: per month $475

BOX STALL W/RUN – full feed, bedded/shavings: per month $575

OVERNIGHT/SHOW STALL (no feed): overnight $30
OVERNIGHT/SHOW PADDOCK (no feed) : overnight $30
EXTRA HAY (Over 2 flakes/feeding) : per flake $1.75

2020 Breeding Horse Boarding Rates

STALLIONS: Large stalls, turned out 6 days/week: per month $680
MARES: For breeding, pipe pen/mare motel (includes handling for veterinarian; veterinary fees not included): $30/day

MARES: For foaling out, large box stall with turnout daily: $575/month.


Board bills are payable in advance by the full month only (pro-rated for incoming horses). It is required to give 30 days notice when leaving. No adjustment will be made for horses taken out before the end of the month or for shows.



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