February 16: SAHJA show Unfortunately rained out.

February 24: Intro to Working Equitation

March 9: SAHJA show Unfortunately rained out. 

March 10: Western Dressage/Cowboy Dressage Schooling Day

April 6th: Working Equitation Clinic (pending)

April 7th: Working Equitation Schooling Show

April 20: SAHJA show

April 27: VAHA Dressage Schooling Show

May 5th: CAWDA Western Dressage Show

May 11: USEA Horse Trials

May 18: SAHJA show

June 8: WE United Rated Working Equitation show – please contact Tina at to get on the mailing list. WE information at:

June 9: WE United Rated Working Equitation show

June 15: USEA Horse Trials

August 3: SAHJA show

August 31: USEA Horse Trials

September 9: ISR-Oldenburg NA inspection

September 14: SAHJA show (morning)

September 14: American Hanoverian Society inspection (afternoon)

September 28-29: WE United Rated Working Equitation show (Tentative)

October 12: SAHJA show

November 6th: SAHJA show

* Please note that non-members and all breeds are welcome and invited to compete at both VAHA and SAHJA shows.

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